About DirectlyApply

DirectlyApply is the world's leading job discovery platform.  We enable job seekers to find opportunities that match their goals and aspirations by providing them with powerful tools to optimize their job search.  Job seekers who use DirectlyApply are able to find jobs quicker and easier as we continue to streamline the search and application process inline with our mission to find a job for everyone.

Founded in London in 2018, our vision was to ensure job seekers have access to every available job opportunity.  We wanted to make it as easy to search for a job as it is to scroll through Netflix, so we built a suite of tools to empower job seekers to find the role they deserve.  From resume builders to diversity & inclusion checkers, we want everyone to start from a level playing field, DirectlyApply is advancing the way people discover jobs.

So finally, a usable, enjoyable job discovery platform that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s built for the job seeker, it's optimised for mobile devices and will always work to ensure there is a job for everyone.