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Try searching for something else

Attract more applicants

Advertise your jobs on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and hundreds of other job sites with our multi-posting tool.

Get the candidates you need to grow your business.

What is a Multi-Poster?

A multi-poster allows you to effortlessly display your job advertisements across hundreds of platforms with just the click of a button. Saving you time and money whilst ensuring your job posts get maximum exposure.

Our multi-poster allows you to attract more talent faster and more efficiently than ever before. Whatsmore, we provide you with a free applicant tracking tool so you can ensure you never miss out on hiring the best talent.

Where do my jobs get posted?

To increase your jobs exposure our multi-poster distributes your jobs to Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Hundreds of Job Sites including:

How does it work?

All jobs posted on a Premium Plan are able to take advantage of the multi-poster built into DirectlyApply.

Once your job posting is live you can see the sites your job has been posted on via your employer dashboard.