What is it like working in Manufacturing?

A career in manufacturing allows you to learn valuable, transferable skills within an industry that is currently at the forefront of innovation and change.  The tools and machines are used to make everything from cars and trucks to computers and televisions, manufacturing is the cornerstone of everyday life.

There are numerous roles and career opportunities within manufacturing, with one of the most integral being the role of a fitter.  Fitters assemble the parts that flow into the finished product, from the assembly line to the factory floor.  Being a fitter you have to adapt to technological advancements as these have affected not only the way goods are produced, but also the quality of the goods produced and the cost of their manufacture. 

Advanced fitters must be able to work with new technologies to produce goods and adapt to them as manufacturing techniques are moving away from traditional assembly lines to lean manufacturing systems where entire products and components are manufactured by work teams. Lean manufacturing has changed the nature of assembly duties, and it is becoming increasingly common for fitters and manufacturers to be involved in product development.

During the design phase, designers and engineers consult with productio...